Spear Phishing Update: Email Account Takeover Risks

Despite organisational efforts to mitigate risk against security threats, there has been a significant increase in email account takeover and lateral phishing.  

In this recent spear phishing update, Barracuda’s Michael Flouton explores why enterprises are failing to detect threats, divulging the fallacies in threat detection methods and why it’s almost impossible to prevent.  

He discusses with ISMG, the latest tactics and procedures to prepare and anticipate against attacks. Sharing best practices to safeguard your organisation, Michael recommends what organisations can do to minimise and protect against future attacks.   


Michael also shares insight on:


  • The difficulty in detecting email account takeover and lateral phishing 

  • How your organisation can bolster its spear phishing defences

  • The Key Three: Analytics, Awareness and Authentication 

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Account Takeover Risks

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