Last updated: 04 September 2019
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Discover the long history of emails to better protect your organisation 

The rise of email as a cornerstone of modern communication has been meteoric. In just 50 years, email has completely changed the way we communicate. By 2021, estimates suggest a staggering 320 billion emails will be sent every day. 

But as with the rise of any new technology, new threats to security have come hand-in-hand with emails. These threats have grown increasingly sophisticated and numerous, and the only way to protect your organisation from email threats is to understand their history. 

That’s why we created a comprehensive timeline of the history of email and email threats through the decades. We also touch upon the future of email security, so you can take what you learn back to your organisation and better protect your systems going forwards. 

Read the story today to better understand the origin of email threats and to enhance your email security. 

Key Insights:

  • The History of Email: Learn how and when email was created, and how the first computer virus was born. 

  • The Rise of Email Threats: Phishing, spam, BEC, ransomware – we share the stories behind the most common forms of email attack. 

  • The Future of Email Security: By learning the history of email, you’ll be able to optimise your security to combat against future threats 

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